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We just aren't willing to accept the standard explanation that you can't make good product, competitively, in this country anymore. Every Vere sandal is proudly handmade in our own factory, right here in the USA.

When we began planning for Vere in the summer of 2009, we quickly realized one major problem in making sandals in the US:  there were no factories.  So we had to build our own.  

We set out to find the right location, visiting different regions of the country and meeting with local leaders in cities big and small.  Every meeting we had brought us closer to home, and with the help of some visionaries in our hometown government, we moved into a vacant portion of the old American Can Company building in our hometown of Geneva, NY.  

From the 1920’s all the way through the mid-eighties, the American Can Company was one of the largest employers in the area, producing canning equipment for over sixty years, with a brief stoppage to produce munitions during World War II.  When its doors shut in 1984, it symbolized the end of the rich manufacturing history in this area and the country as a whole.  

Vere Sandal Company, USA officially moved into a portion of “the Can” in September 2010, intent on bringing some of that manufacturing back and inheriting a long-vacant space in need of a major overhaul.  

We spent the first few months cleaning and removing old conduit and lighting from the rafters.  The sixty years worth of electrical work was so much that the painters couldn't get their equipment into the space until about half of it was removed.  The previous tenants, who occupied the space after the American Can Company moved out, stamped metal - leaving a mix of industrial grease and dirt on the floor so thick that we had to scrape every inch of the floor with ice scrapers to remove the sludge, just so we could clean the rest of the floor.  

We painted the walls, installed sewing equipment, presses, air lines, sanding equipment, and all types of sandal making devices.  We’ve added as we’ve learned.  Some we purchased, some we built, some we made up - but today they combine to create a fully functioning sandal factory, making the best sandals you can put your feet in, right here at home.  We’ve created jobs in our local community, and we look forward to providing more.  

About Our Materials

We know we're a long way from a fully sustainable or closed loop sandal, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't keep trying to do better. With that in mind, we've designed our production process from the ground up with the goal of eliminating waste. We use recycled polyester in our straps, and 100% recyclable PLUSfoam® our all of our foam components and outsoles. What little waste we create is recycled into future sandals. Since we manufacture domestically and ship locally we're able to eliminate a significant amount of packaging and shipping waste.

We think there are ways to improve every step of the process, and we strive to implement them at every opportunity. Working with local universities, research centers, and businesses, we look forward to making ever more environmentally sound sandals as we move forward, without sacrificing the fit, quality, and comfort you should expect.

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