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the Sherpa Collection*

Perfect for a quick surf check on those cooler mornings, or kicking it around the fire, our limited edition Sherpa collection is the best of all worlds.  Surround your feet in furry awesomeness while keeping your toes out and free.

We took our leather strap and lined it with a plush, soft shearling lining to hold your feet down in style.  Then we took that same lining and covered the entire footbed with it, so you can surrounded in luxury on all sides.  Of course, underneath all that furriness is our super comfortable and supportive sandal base, made with 100% recyclable PLUSfoam and layered so it's soft on top, firm in the arch where you need it, grippy and durable on the bottom so you can venture outside even when it's a little slippery out there.

 The Sherpa Collection is available in men's and women's, and only around for the holidays.  Get 'em while it's cold - click below to get started.


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