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We just aren't willing to accept the standard explanation that you can't make good product, competitively, in this country anymore. Every Vere sandal is proudly handmade in our own factory, right here in the USA.

All Vere sandals are made here, in Geneva, New York.

The more we started looking around the country for the best location, the more it led us back home. We spent some time throughout the country, looking here and there and taking tours of potential sites for our factory. But it brought us back to Geneva, New York, and into a vacant portion of the old American Can Company. 

Funny thing how one of our grandfathers actually worked in the factory close to fifty years ago. Talk about 'full circle'.
Geneva lies at the northern end of Seneca Lake, in the Finger Lakes region, the largest wine-producing area in New York State. and already has some amazing history to go with its success in the wine industry. Now it will live as the host to the only factory in the states creating american-made sandals of the highest quality.

We know we're a long way from a fully sustainable or closed loop sandal, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't keep trying to do better. With that in mind, we've designed our production process from the ground up with the goal of eliminating waste. We use recycled polyester in our straps, and recycled content in all of our EVA and rubber compounds. We buy our EVA cut to shape, so the supplier can recycle the excess into future batches. Our adhesives are water based. What little waste we create is recycled into future sandals. Since we manufacture domestically and ship locally we're able to eliminate a significant amount of packaging and shipping waste.

We think there are ways to improve every step of the process, and we strive to implement them at every opportunity. Working with local universities, research centers, and businesses, we look forward to making ever more environmentally sound sandals as we move forward, without sacrificing the fit, quality, and comfort you should expect.

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